Charts and Token Analyzing

DeFiLink Charts

(1) Network.

You can select the network there (BSC, ETH, Polygon etc.). Basing on the chain you choose the tokens will be updated in the hot trends matching the network you set. Also, during searching only tokens in that network will be shown in search result.
There you can see the coins that are trending right now in different chains. They are updating often, so this is why trends are accurate and precise. You can also see the change in their price below the token name and icon (+n% or -n%).

(3) The Chart

The primary tool, where you can see the overall graph for the coin and understand what kind of stage it is facing (dip, recession, expansion etc.) It is essential for token analyzing and making your decision on whether you are going to buy the token or not.

Additional tools:

  • Search the token you want - type the name and find the results.
  • Links to the social networks of the coin, for example: twitter, website, discord etc.
  • Transactions information, the amount of buyers and sellers, variation.
  • The price of the token, change during last time, contract of the token, pair.