Asset and Portfolio Tracker

What is Asset Tracker?

With the emergence of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, web3 enthusiasts are looking for a convenient way to monitor and manage their digital assets. Unlike traditional portfolio tracking tools, a WEB3 DeFiLink is capable of tracking assets within the decentralized and blockchain-based landscape.

How you can start using the Asset Tracker?

At first you need to connect your wallet to see your assets. You can use Metamask wallet or DeFiLink wallet. For more information check the next page:
Connect your wallet to get an access.
After that you will see your Asset Tracker where you can find total balance, assets and their network, history of transactions. You can also transfer money to your wallet by clicking on the plus button. Try it now!
It is super convenient to see everything in that structure, because all of those information in wallet are in different pages and clicks. Seeing everything in one page is the top convenience. Try it now by yourself!